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Monthly Update – March 2019

Hey HSL followers! I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I have been busy over the last week providing all the latest goings on in the lettings world – here’s a recap. As always do not hesitate to get in contact with any questions.

Here’s a few relevant updates on a few bits of news and regulation...

  • No DSS‘ Adverts
    Zoopla becomes the first to ban rental adverts that block benefit tenants. Fields currently including ‘No DSS’ option will be removed from Zoopla’s software.
  • Right to Rent
    The very unpopolar ‘Right to Rent’ policy has had 2 recent court cases which have ruled it in favour of the landlords with the Court Ruling suggesting that – the scheme breaches the European Convention on Human Rights and ‘it’s inevitable this will lead landlords to discriminate’. However, landlords still need to proceed with the necessary checks. The hope is that at some point the government will declare it ‘null and void’.
  • Property Condition
    Fitness for Human Habitation Act is now in force – landlords must ensure their rental property is fit for human habitation. Tenants now have the power to enforce legal proceedings in event of the properties they live in not being suitable for habitation. Their argument will be supported by a ‘breach of contract’ offering according to this regulation.

Until next month…


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