Rent To Own.

There is a good reason we hear more and more of ‘Generation Rent’, and the private rental sector is growing month by month.

But what about that elusive dream of owning your own home? It need not be a dream anymore, thanks to ‘Rent to Own’.

What Is It?

You rent ‘to own‘ the property instead of your rent being dead money entirely and not serving a real purpose.

The government has its own version of the idea with Rent To Buy but the criteria people have to meet is really quite confusing, and also differs by the area. The other issue with the Government scheme is that it’s generally for new build properties so there is likely a huge premium to be paid for those properties.

How does it work?

rent to own means
You Move into your 'forever home' NOW

You agree on a term, rent, top-up payment and the Sale Price of the Home now, in a Contract.

Rent To Own Home through Habitat Sales and Lettings, Leeds

And move into your HOME straightaway.

which goes to your landlord

which goes into an escrow account towards your deposit

By the time your contract term expires, the deposit should be enough to help you buy the house you have lived in all this time.